Minggu, 22 Juni 2014

4 Year PhD Position at the Max-Planck Institute of Cell Biology (MPI-CBG) ,and the Computer Vision Lab Dresden (CVLD)

There is the exciting opportunity to join a rapidly growing team of researcher working in the fields of Computational Biology, Computer Vision and Machine Learning. The PhD will be jointly supervised by Prof. Carsten Rother at CVLD and Dr. Pavel Tomancak at MPI-CBG. The ideal candidate has studied mathematics, physics, computer science or Biology with very good marks. The candidate must be highly motivated and interested to dive into the field of computational biology. It is not necessary, but a plus, if the candidate has a background in biology. The ideal candidate has a strong theoretical background in the field of machine learning, optimization, or computer vision (ideally on structured models), or image processing. It is a big plus if the student has good experience in programming. The exact research topic is still flexible, but in the broad domain of using simulated biological organism to train algorithms that discover high-level biological information, such as cell lineages in long-term, time-lapse microscopic recordings of animal development.

Formal application procedure:
1. You must register with the DIPP (Dresden International PhD Program) here 
http://www.imprs-celldevosys.de/ Latest by 15.7! The PhD applicants will be selected via the normal DIPP hiring procedure. The final application has to be handed in by 25.7
2. Please send your application (CV and letter of motivation) to: carsten.rother@tu-dresden.de. There is no closing date for handing in your application, but please act as early as possible. I will start conducting interviews end of June.
3. The official DIPP interview procedure will take place 15.9-19.9.

Biology in Dresden:
Dresden is one of the top places worldwide in Biology, with different MPIs, TU Dresden (Elite University), and other institutes. Especially the fields of Computational Biology and Bioimaging are rapidly growing. After a successful PhD there are likely many opportunities to continue research in Dresden in these areas. For more information please see: 

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