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32 PhD Positions at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Italy

Official Call for applications to enroll in the International PhD Course
in Molecular Medicine

Chancellor’s Decree n. 4549
dated 14/07/2014


The application to participate in the selection for the International PhD School in Molecular Medicine can be submitted, irrespective of age or citizenship, by individuals holding a 5-year University Degree (according to the old Italian regulation), a Master’s Degree (according to the new Italian regulation) (hereinafter, the “Degree”) or an equivalent foreign academic qualification, approved in advance by the PhD Examination Committee, according to international agreements and/or inter-university cooperation and mobility agreements.

Final year students can also apply,  as long as they have already taken all examinations and graduate before October 31st, 2015, under penalty of exclusion from selection. All candidates admitted with reservation to the competition, will have to give evidence of their graduation by November 15th, 2015, in case they should be assigned a position. 

Pursuant to the regulations in force, students enrolled in the last year of the Medicine Specialisation Schools of the “Vita-Salute San Raffaele” University are entitled to submit their application. Should they be assigned a position, their PhD Course start date shall be consistent with the closure of the specialisation year.

Italian, EU and non-EU citizens holding a foreign academic qualification which has not yet been declared equivalent to an Italian degree shall expressly ask to the Examination Committee to determine whether it is equivalent, only for the purposes of the admission to the PhD Course they intend to compete for, and include the following documents in their application:

 1) Official record of the degree, complete with the list of the exams and the relevant marks, translated and legalised by an Italian diplomatic representation (Embassy or Consulate) of the country where the degree was awarded;

2) A DV document (declaration of value - “dichiarazione di valore in loco”) to be requested to the same diplomatic representation.

Number of Positions available

22 fellowships, of which:

10 free fellowships
12 project-based fellowships

5 positions without a fellowship

Details about the position

The admission application shall be submitted on the form available on or on the PhD Course website ( and

As set forth above, Candidates can opt for maximum 1 project-based fellowship (their 1st and only choice) and 2 curricula (in this case, the 1st and 2nd choice shall be defined).
The form, duly filled out, printed on unstamped paper and signed, is to be sent within September 3rd, 2015  the PhD Office by means of:

a) a PDF file attached to a certified e-mail message which can be sent to:
The e-mail must be exclusively sent from a certified e-mail address;

b) a PDF file attached to a regular e-mail which must be sent to the PhD Office e-mail address:
In this case the original documentation must be delivered directly to the PhD Office, according to one of the following methods described in items c-e within the enrolment deadline, under penalty of exclusion.

c) directly delivered to:

PhD Office Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele
Via Olgettina, 58 - 20132 Milan, Italy
tel. +39 02 91751554 or +39 02 91751552
fax + 39 02 91971453

d) by means of recorded delivery with return receipt to the address mentioned at c);

e) by an authorised courier service with delivery receipt to the address mentioned at c).
Please consider that the PhD Office will be closen from August 10 to August 21 including.

The date on the stamp of the accepting Post office (or of the authorised courier) or that of the e-mail sending will be taken as the official date.

Candidates submitting the admission application shall enclose to the signed copy of the electronic form:

  • A self-certification of the Bachelor’s Degree, indicating the graduation mark;
  • A self-certification of the Master’s Degree, indicating the graduation mark;
  • ONLY for candidates who have not graduated by the time of their online admission application, a self-certification stating the list of all courses taken and relative marks obtained toward their Master’s Degree, including the average grade;
  • A copy of a valid identity document;
  • for candidates holding a non-Italian University Degree, all other documents as indicated in the Official Call. 

Candidates who have not graduated yet must also include a self-certification (Attachment 2) to the documentation, stating that all the exams required by the curriculum have been passed  and  indicating the average.

Applications submitted or sent after the time-limit above will not be eligible for the selection.

Form on line
The Form on line (available on represents the application and must be filled out and sent by on-line procedure, THEN the candidate has to print, sign and send, within the deadline of September 3rd, 2015, with the other documents requested (please see the Application Procedures).

In their application, the Candidates shall provide a description of their current research activities, their scientific interests, and any information required in the online form.

Application form (online form) can be filled out either in Italian or in English.

Candidates can opt for maximum one project-based fellowship (their 1st and only choice) and two curricula (in this case, the 1st and 2nd choice shall be defined). These choices can be specified in the application form.

In case Candidates wish to apply for more than one Curriculum (maximum two) and/or one project-based fellowship, the electronic form shall be filled out only once, and the Curricula Candidates wish to apply to shall be selected according to the Candidates’ order of preference. The single dissertation relative to the research interests shall state the reasons for the Candidates’ multiple choice (two Curricula and/or one project-based fellowship)

Form on line

Reference letters
Att. 1
The two reference letters (drafted pursuant to the form attached as Attachment 1) can be:

- Sent in a sealed envelope (signed by the referee across the seal) by mail, or handed over to the PhD Office of the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University;

- Sent directly by the referees by email to one of the following e-mail addresses:

a) PhD Office (, provided that the sender’s email address is that of the referee’s (preferably an institutional email address);
b) only from a certified e-mail address, to

within the deadline for submitting the admission applications (Semptember 3rd, 2015).

All reference letters which have not been drafted according to the form (Attachment 1) or that have been submitted according to methods different from those above will be rejected.
Candidates shall not be allowed to read their reference letters.

Att.1 (file pdf)
(file word)

The referees (maximum two) will automatically receive from the system an email containing as an attachment the reference letter form (Attachment 1).

Candidates are responsible for the data submitted; they are entitled to contact the referee(s) to personally request the letter and to check that it is submitted to the PhD Office within the deadline set, and as required by this call.
The PhD Office will not solicit the submission of the letters.

Self- Certification
Att. 2
The entitled persons (Italian and European Union citizens), in accordance with the D.P.R. n. 445/00 and subsequent modifications and integrations, if submitting copies of a certificate reporting the final degree grade or in case they state other circumstances, as per Articles 46 and 47 of Presidential Decree no. 445/00, will have to submit, duly filled and signed, the self certification utilizing the Attachment 2.

Att. 2 (file pdf)
Att. 2 (
file word)

The no European Union citizens must send the original certificates.

Admission to one of the Curriculum of the PhD Corse is subject to the successful results of a comparative assessment divided into two stages, as defined below.

First assessment phase
This phase, which does not require the Candidates to be present, is not public, is performed by the Committee and assesses:

a.  The qualifications submitted, as described above and, more precisely:
    • curriculum vitae indicated in the electronic form;
    • Degree (5-year degree, as per old Italian regulation, Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree) and graduation mark (including BD mark);
    • Any publication on international journals or submission of abstracts to conferences;

b.  The written dissertation, to be inserted as well in the electronic form, that shall be related to the Candidates’ research interests, and that may be written in Italian or English;

c. The reference letters, directly submitted to the Ufficio Dottorati of the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University of Milan by authoritative personalities of the scientific and/or academic world and listed by the Candidates in their admission application; these authoritative personalities shall have known the scientific qualities of the Candidates by virtue of their institutional tasks (as Attachment 1). The reference letters shall be submitted within the deadline herein for the admission applications (Semptember 3rd, 2015).

Based on the documents received and according to already-established assessment criteria, the Examination Committee shall proceed to the first stage, i.e. the comparative assessment of the Candidates’ qualifications.

Only Candidates who have been awarded a score of at least 60% of the maximum attributable score for the assessment of qualifications (50 points) shall be admitted to the second phase.

Second assessment phase 

This assessment phase consists of an interview with the Examination Committee aimed at assessing the scientific competences and the aptitude of the Students.

Candidates admitted to the interview shall have with themselves one of the following identification documents: identity card, driving licence, passport or any other documents provided for by law, provided that they contain a photograph and a stamp or another equivalent marking and that they have been issued by a state authority.

The assessment criteria used shall be those already established by the Committee. The interview will cover the knowledge of English, the general and specific qualifications of the Candidates, their reasons for starting the PhD Course and the subsequent professional research path.
At the end of the second assessment phase, the Examination Committee shall draft a final ranking based on a comparative assessment.

All candidates, at the end of the interviews, are required to communicate, via email to the PhD Office, up to 2 preferences  between the projects listed for each Curriculum chosen during the admission phase . Furthermore, in the case of preference:

- of the 2 research fellowships NEN4, the candidate has the faculty to indicate, after the interview, up to two projects of interest between those specific to these fellowiships;

- of the 7 research fellowships TIGET, the candidate has the faculty to indicate after the interview, up to 3 projects of interest between those specific to these exchanges.

Candidates with a final score lower than 60% of the total attributable score (100 points) will be considered non-eligible.


Papers for the Second Phase
First Phase Ranking
Currently not available

Currently not available

The procedure for the enrollment is described in the Official call and in the paragraph below.

Sliding Rankings

Currently not available

Registration documents
and fellowships

There exists only one final ranking, which is updated after each stage.
Renouncing to a fellowship, at any stage, will result in the final withdrawing from the raking. Upon enrolment, all Candidates shall notify the laboratory at which they will conduct the PhD Course activities.

The fellowships are assigned based on the final ranking and the preferences declared by the Candidates.

We will proceed before with the assignment of a Project fellowships and of the positions with fellowships and, once completed the allocation of these positions, we will proceed with the assignment of positions without fellowships.

During the first stage, the project-based fellowships are assigned, based on the ranking position and the Candidate’s preferences.

Once all the project-based fellowships have been assigned, the four free fellowships - to be assigned to the four Curricula - will be assigned according to the final ranking, updated based on the already assigned fellowship and any previous stage renounce, and considering the preferences expressed by the Candidates.

Following completion of the positions with a project-based fellowship and of the fellowships assigned to the four Curricula, the third stage will start, and the six remaining positions with a fellowship will be assigned according to the ranking, updated based on the already assigned fellowship and any previous stage renounce, and considering the preferences expressed by the Candidates.
Candidates will be assigned to the indicated Curriculum, based on their order of preference.

The fourth stage then starts with the assignment of the positions without a fellowshipEven in this case, Candidates will be preferably assigned to the Curriculum they chose, according to their preference.

The details of the procedures for the enrollment are notified in art. 7 of the Official Call.

The winning candidates will have to formalize their enrollment on the proper web page (, by gaining access with the credentials obtained during registration in 2 working days as from the date of publication of the final ranking for the candidates winners of a scholarship and in 5 working days for the candidates winners of a position without fellowship.

For everyone, enrolment must be finalized by the second working day after the online enrollment.
In the event that a candidate does not enter online within the due date, or in case he/she does not finalize his/her enrolment within the 2 subsequent working days, he/she will be considered as a renouncer, thus loses the right to enroll.

The details of the procedures for the assignment of positions are notified in art. 5.3. of the Official Call.


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