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Postdoc position in diffusion and structural MRI,San Diego State University (SDSU)

The Brain Development Imaging Laboratory (BDIL) at the Dept. of Psychology, San Diego State University (SDSU), is offering 1-2 postdoctoral positions in diffusion-weighted and other anatomical MRI techniques applied to studying autism spectrum disorders.
Job Description
Post-doctoral positions will be supported through several NIH-funded projects examining brain structure and network organization across the lifespan in autism spectrum disorders (ASD) including a study of toddlers and a study of older adults. These projects implement multi-shell diffusion weighted imaging (i.e. multiple b-values, appropriate for calculation of ODFs, tractography, examination of neurite density in gray and white matter), multi-modal neuroanatomical imaging (e.g. combined T1, T2, DWI), and simultaneous multi-slice fMRI.
The postdoctoral scholar will be responsible for implementation of new analysis pipelines for diffusion weighted and/or anatomical MRI in collaboration with faculty and support staff, for assessment and mitigation of artifacts, and for continuing analysis of our existing database of multimodal MRI data. Fellow will assist in supervision/training of graduate students and research assistants and in the preparation of manuscripts for publication. The postdoctoral fellow will regularly interact with collaborating faculty at SDSU and University of California San Diego and will have access to the rich San Diego Neuroscience and Cognitive Science communities.
·       PhD in Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Psychology, Biomedical Engineering, or other relevant field.
·       Experience in data acquisition, preprocessing, and analysis of brain MRI data, with particular focus on diffusion and/or anatomical MRI.
·       Preference will be given to applicants with:
o   Experience with multiple analysis methods/toolkits in the relevant modality.
o   Experience in multiple brain imaging modalities (e.g. both diffusion and functional imaging).
o   Experience with ASD, other developmental disorders, or normal aging.
Brain Development Imaging Lab & Research Facilities
BDIL (www.sci.sdsu.edu/bdil) is a diverse and collaborative research group with 3 faculty members and multiple PhD and Master’s students in Psychology, Cognitive Science, Clinical Psychology, and BioInformatics from both SDSU and University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Research applies multiple imaging modalities (e.g. DWI, anatomical MRI, fMRI, functional connectivity MRI, MR spectroscopy) as well as behavioral and neuropsychological measures to investigate the brain bases of ASD and age-related change across the lifespan (1-65 years). BDIL collaborates with experts in MR physics, Radiology, EEG, MEG, and Bioinformatics to implement innovative imaging and analysis techniques (e.g., simultaneous fMR/EEG recording, combined MEG and MRI). BDIL maintains close ties with faculty at UCSD Center for Functional MRI (CFMRI) where imaging is performed and with affiliated faculty at UCSD School of Medicine. BDIL researchers have full access to CFMRI (http://fmri.ucsd.edu/), a research dedicated facility with two 3T human research scanners (8 & 32 channel head coils), led by top experts in radiology physics, and supported by engineering staff.
To Apply
Please e-mail CV, research statement, reprints, and 3 letters of recommendation to Ralph-Axel Mueller at: rmueller@sdsu.edu.

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