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A fully funded 4-5 years PhD position in Mathematical Statistics at Lund University, Sweden.

A fully funded 4-5 years PhD position in Mathematical Statistics is available at Lund University, Sweden.

In many classical statistical applications, likelihood inference is often the preferred method for statistical analysis for many and well known reasons. However model complexity, such as nonlinear dynamics and/or latent states, can make it difficult (if not outright impossible) to pursue the likelihood in explicit mathematical form. Recent years have provided breakthroughs in computational statistics for dealing with models having intractable likelihoods (examples are approximate Bayesian computation (ABC) and methods based on sequential Monte Carlo).

Aim of the research project is to further develop these statistical methods (particularly in the Bayesian framework) and use them in applications to e.g. biomedical research. In fact the project has some degree of interdisciplinarity and is also concerned with stochastic dynamic models for protein folding described by stochastic differential equations. Protein folding is an important biological process which is also associated with a wide range of human diseases.    

Applicants with an interest in Bayesian statistics, Monte Carlo methods, or stochastic differential equations are particularly encouraged to apply.
You will be based at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences at Lund University, in the south of Sweden. In addition to develop your research in statistical methods you will collaborate with experts who have domain-specific expertise in protein dynamics and biostatistical modelling at Copenhagen University.

The project is supervised by Dr. Umberto Picchini and offers the scope for personal development to students who are interested in computational and applied statistics. Informal enquiries should be sent to Umberto Picchini ( 
Instructions on how to apply and eligibility/entry requirements are available at

Closing date for applications is 9 June 2016.

ps: Although in the post it is mentioned 1st October 2016 as the starting date for the position there is some room for negotiation.

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