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PhD openings in immersive visual communication

PhD Openings in ECE @ UA

PhD candidates are solicited in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Alabama. The candidates will join the newly formed Laboratory for Immersive Communication headed by Prof. Jacob Chakareski. The positions are fully funded (stipend & tuition for up to four years) and are available immediately, once the suitable candidates pass the university application requirements.

Students at the B.S. or M.Sc. level with background in Electrical and Computer Engineering or Computer Science are encouraged to apply. The accepted candidates will work on exciting research problems at the intersection of immersive visual communication, human psychophysics, computer networks, and social computing. Our investigations target diverse applications including camera sensor networks, 3D video streaming, cloud-computing, P2P systems & online communities, crowd-sourcing-based content generation, telemedicine, IPTV, wireless ad-hoc networking, etc.

Solid mathematical background and knowledge of programming languages and software tools (e.g., Matlab, NS-2/3) are required. Above all, the applicants must be self-motivated to learn quickly and work effectively on challenging research problems.

For a description of recent research activities carried out by Prof. Chakareski, please visit the site>.

Application process: Please send your CV in attachment to Prof. Chakareski at>, and specify in the subject line "Application for ECE PhD positions at UA". Please describe briefly your background and research interests in the e-mail.

GRE and TOEFL (for international applicants) scores are required for the university application. The applicant is encouraged to include in the application e-mail copies of his/her university transcripts and arrange for three reference letters to be sent separately to Prof. Chakareski. PDF copies of research articles authored by the applicant are welcome to be included, too.

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