Senin, 20 April 2015

Internship on data analysis at the Pulse Lab Jakarta

Pulse Lab Jakarta is a joint programme between the United Nations and
Government of Indonesia through UN Global Pulse (
and the Indonesian Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas).
Our mission is to harness big data for development and humanitarian action
and an internship at our lab can offer you a distinguished, unique
opportunity to help tackle development challenges with the public sector,
applying your skills around data analytics, modeling and visualization.

As a data innovation lab, the Research team at Pulse Lab Jakarta, together
with our colleagues in Pulse Lab New York and Pulse Lab Kampala, are
exploring various opportunities of applying big data in different sectors,
such as food security, public health, urban dynamics and economic
well-being, with different types of big data, such as social media, online
news, remote sensing, and online search keywords. This year, in particular,
we hope to test other methodologies and approaches by using other data
sources, e.g., financial transactions and mobility data.

We are looking for talented PhD students who have already published papers
at top-tier conferences and journals in a broad area of data science,
including (but not limited to) social media analysis, user behavior
modeling, statistical model, informational retrieval, NLP, predictive
analytics, complex network analysis, geospatial analysis, image processing,
and data visualization.

Starting dates and internship are negotiable depending on the selected
candidates' availability (preferably, two to three months, at least).
Applications for the internship should be received by *April 24th, 2015**. *
Please submit an application with your CV and motivation letter (clearly
highlighting the speciality, previous research, and/or which sector you
want to work in, if any) to Jong Gun Lee, the Data Scientist and Research
Lead at Pulse Lab Jakarta, Applications will be
evaluated on a rolling basis. We will invite shortlisted candidates for

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