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The University of Oulu, located at the heart of the globally recognized Oulu region R&D hub in Northern Finland, promotes advanced research especially in the focus areas of Biosciences and Health, Environment, Natural Resources and Materials, Information Technology, and Cultural Identity and Interaction. The University, with its 10 faculties and more than 70 specialist disciplines, cooperates closely with industry and commerce, and has broad connections with many international research and education institutions.
The University of Oulu Graduate School (UniOGS) provides the framework and conditions for high-quality, research-driven doctoral education at the University of Oulu. UniOGS promotes the development of structured Doctoral Programmes covering the areas of Technology, Natural Sciences, Biosciences, Health Sciences, and Human Sciences, and nurtures effective student-supervisor relationships founded on both motivation and commitment. UniOGS thus aims to create a favourable environment for the planning, execution and timely completion of doctoral education tailored to each student.
The Doctoral Programmes of UniOGS provide systematic and comprehensive doctoral training allowing the completion of the doctoral degree within a period equivalent to four years of full-time study. The doctoral training offered within the doctoral programmes promotes and strengthens high-quality research in the University of Oulu strategic focus and development areas, and assures that students acquire good working-life skills that address the needs of both the work-place and society.

General description of the positions and the minimum requirements for selection

The University of Oulu Graduate School invites applications for:
  1. Fifty-eight (58) four-year doctoral student positions for 2016 – 2019, funded by the University of Oulu and distributed between eight of the UniOGS Doctoral Programmes. In addition, two (2) four-year “open research project” (Open-Res) positions will be allocated to applicants whose research relates to any research area of the University of Oulu not covered by the doctoral programmes participating in this call. Applicants for four-year positions will be either starting their doctoral training, or will have completed no more than two full years of training (adjusted for possible previous part-time status) at the time the position is filled.
Funding is also available for:
  1. Seven (7) two-year positions (2016 – 2017) in: the Advanced Materials Doctoral Programme (one position); the Oulu Business School Doctoral Programme (three positions); the Infotech Oulu Doctoral Programme (three positions).
  2. Multiple short-term vacancies (during 2016 – 2017), for doctoral students enrolled in the Infotech Oulu Doctoral Programme (one six-month position), or who are enrolled in the Medical Research Centre Oulu Doctoral Programme and hold a licentiate degree in Medicine or a licentiate degree in Dentistry (up to a cumulative total of 36 years).
The salary of the selected doctoral students will be set on levels 2 – 4 of the national salary scale for the teaching and research staff of Finnish universities. In addition, a supplementary remuneration will be given for personal achievement and performance (max. 46.3%). The total salary for these levels (before tax) currently ranges from about 1972 to 3601 Euros/month for full-time employment.
These full-time positions are available from the 1st of January, 2016, for highly motivated and talented students wishing to undertake and complete training for a research-focused doctoral degree. The work contract may last until the student has completed a total of no more than four years of doctoral training (adjusted for possible part-time status prior to the start of the contract) from the date on which study rights are granted, and may include a trial period of four months. Applicants may apply for multiple positions in different Doctoral Programmes, but successful candidates may occupy only one position.

All applicants must hold a Master’s degree, or an equivalent degree (e.g. licentiate), in a relevant field by the end of 2015, and be able to demonstrate sufficient language skills in English or Finnish (see “Further information” below). The degree will have been accredited with good grades (i.e. at least 60% of the maximum grade in both taught studies and the Master’s thesis). Doctoral Programmes may impose additional or more stringent requirements.

Positions available and links to the sub-call texts of the Doctoral Programmes
  1. Advanced Materials Doctoral Programme, 6 four-year positions and 1 two-year position: Link to ADMA-DP call
Research fields: Engineering, Natural sciences, Environmental sciences.
  1. Aurora Doctoral Programme, 5 four-year positions: Link to Aurora-DPcall
Research fields: Natural sciences, Environmental sciences, Human & health sciences, and Engineering sciences.
  1. Doctoral Programme in Exact Sciences, 7 four-year positions: Link toExactus-DP call
Research fields: Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics.
  1. Eudaimonia (Human Sciences) Doctoral Programme, 9 four-year positions: Link to EUDA-DP call
Research fields: Humanities, Education, Business (International business, Management, Marketing), Human geography.
  1. Infotech Oulu Doctoral Programme, 12 four-year positions, 3 two-year positions and 1 six-month position: Link to Infotech-DP call
Research fields: Electronics, Communications engineering, Computer science & engineering, and Software engineering & information systems.
  1. Medical Research Center Oulu Doctoral Programme, 6 four-year positions and multiple short-term vacancies: Link to MRC Oulu-DP call
Research fields: Clinical medicine, Oral health science, Biomedicine, Health science, Medical technology.
  1. Oulu Business School Doctoral Programme, 3 four-year positions and 3 two-year positions: Link to OBS-DP call
Research fields: Accounting, Economics, Finance, International business, Management, Marketing.
  1. Open Research Projects2 four-year positions: Link to Open-Res call
Any field at the University of Oulu not covered by the Doctoral Programmes participating in this call (sub-calls 1 – 7 and 9).
  1. Biocenter Oulu Doctoral Programme, 10-11 four-year positions: theBCO-DP call will open in July or August 2015 (further details will be provided later).
Research fields: Biosciences, Biomedicine, Biotechnology and related fields.
Submission of applications
The documents to be submitted with the application are specified in the sub-call text of each Doctoral Programme. If applying to more than one Doctoral Programme, a complete set of documents must be submitted to each one.
All application documents responding to sub-calls 1 – 8 above are to besubmitted electronicallybefore the deadline on Friday 21.08.2015, at 24.00 (midnight, Finnish local time, UTC + 3hr). The submission deadline for applications responding to sub-call 9 above (BCO-DP) will be announced when the call opens.
Applications received after the deadline, or incomplete applications, will not be considered.

Further information

Announcement of the results
Selected applicants will be contacted by e-mail during the second or third weeks of October, 2015. The final list of selected students will be published on the University of Oulu Graduate School web pages by 3rd November 2015.
Language proficiency
The teaching languages at the University of Oulu are Finnish and English. All applicants who have not completed a secondary or higher education degree in the Finnish language must demonstrate that they possess English and/or Finnish language skills that are sufficient to follow doctoral studies. For this, the applicant must provide official documents demonstrating one of the following (no other options are considered):
  • The applicant has completed a Bachelor or Master degree taught in English;
  • The applicant has successfully completed at least 20 ECTS credits of studies conducted in English in a higher education institution in Finland;
  • Certificate of English language proficiency from the Finnish National Board of Education (skill levels 5 in reading, writing, listening & speaking);
  • TOEFL score (minimum 580 PBT / 92 IBT);
  • IELTS score (minimum 6.5, with a minimum of 5.5 in each section; Academic module only);
  • Pearson Test of English (minimum 62, with minimum of 52 in writing section; PTE Academic only);
  • Cambridge ESOL's Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE), or of Advanced English (CAE) (grades A, B or C).
For additional information requests
  • Concerning the general requirements and application procedures: Coordinator Anthony Heape (anthony.heape @; phone: +358-40-8676666).
  • Concerning the positions in the Doctoral Programmes: see Doctoral Programme sub-call texts.

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