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Ph.D. positions starting Fall 2015 at the Dept. of Computer Science of the Missouri University of Science and Technology

Applications are invited for several funded Ph.D. positions starting Fall 2015 at the Department of Computer Science of the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Communication networks are an inherent part of our life for a wide range of activities. These networks have increased in size, complexity, heterogeneity, energy demand and interdependence with other networks. These aspects open new research problems, which need to be tackled in order to improve the security and efficiency of these networks.

The general goal of the Ph.D. work  is the development of efficient solutions for the improvement of security, performance, reliability and energy efficiency of heterogeneous, complex and large scale communication networks, such as wide-area networks, geographically distributed web systems, static and mobile wireless sensor networks and small cell networks.

The research will be characterized by a theoretical analysis of the problems and proposed solutions, using a wide range of tools from different fields including computational geometry, statistics, algorithm design, optimization and probability theory, as well as by an experimental and simulation study, to investigate and compare the performance of the proposed solutions against the best performing existing approaches.

We encourage all highly motivated and excellent candidates to apply for this position. Successfull applicants will receive a salary of about 2000$/month.

Applicants must have a bachelor or master degree in Computer Science/Computer Engineering or closely related field, with an emphasis on computer networks.

Successful candidates should have:

- Strong background in network algorithm/protocol design and analysis.
- Strong knowledge of computer networks (wired and wireless).
- Strong programming skills (e.g. C/C++, Java, Python).
- Strong skills in oral and written communication.

For more information please contact Simone Silvestri (

Application requirements can be found at:

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